Also the Tarot tells it's time for a break

Also the Tarot tells it's time for a break

Here we are, getting to the last month of this first cycle of Casa Lucina. I pulled two cards from the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck today: the first one was meant to represent what phase we are with our business and the second one to show us what we are looking for for this new phase.

It goes without saying that we got the two more accurate cards we couldn’t think of, as it always happens with the infinite wisdom of Tarot.

The first one was the number nine, the Hermit, that talks about getting ready to the end of a chapter and looking behind at what it was. The Hermit is a mature man that sheds light to his path so far. He’s wise and in peace but he looks a bit tired, weighed down by all the layers he’s wearing. He’s facing back, looking at his steps so far, to figure out, almost analyze, something.


He represents exactly how we feel: we walked quite a lot to get here, and always look ahead, and now we feel it’s time to stop and turn our face back to see what we accomplished so far and how. 

The second card we got it’s the Arcana number one, the Magician, a completely different energy. It shows a young guy, a bit distracted or maybe just dreaming of something, standing in front of a table. On the surface of that table he has several tools and he’s still figuring out how to use them. He represents a new beginning, the infinite potential, a pristine seed that can take the shape he wants (his hat has also the shape of the infinite).

This is exactly how we feel now: we know that we have created a lot of resources and knowledge in these two years, but we don’t know yet exactly how we really want to use and combine them. We see infinite possibilities in front of us, but we are not clear yet which is the one we want to follow. We want to improve our offer in order to make more women happy and reduce the waste as much as we can.

We definitely need to let go of some of the heaviness of the things we don’t enjoy or didn’t work, to embrace a refreshed lightness and implement new solutions, as the magician teaches us.

And interesting thing is that the sum of the two cards, 9+1, is 10, which is the Wheel of Fortune, which represents the end of a phase, that makes space for a new one to begin.

So here we are, taking a break to look back at what we did and accomplished in these 2 years to see what we want to bring with us and what we want to let go for this fresh start (the hermit). We need some time to realize what we have on our table and how we want to re-organize it to start a new chapter (the magician).    


We need to stop the wheel running (the Wheel of Fortune) to be able to listen to the subtle voice inside. What I love about this card is that, even if the wheel looks steady, it is actually flowing on water, so there is always a little movement going on. But only when an external force from outside the picture will move the handle the wheel will start spinning again, with a refreshed energy. And so for us: we will keep listening and moving with the flow until we will feel the wheel has the right energy and vision to start spinning again at a full speed. 

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