A love letter to you

A love letter to you

Dear Sisters,

Since we communicated our plan of taking a break we are receiving so many love messages and this really means the world to us.

We don’t want to hide that these two years have not always been easy: we had to constantly change our plans and let go of some of our main dreams for Casa Lucina. We found ourselves forced to work mostly online and in this environment, Instagram, that surely gave us a lot of opportunities but we don’t particularly enjoy and made it very hard to create real interactions.

We started Casa Lucina with a very different idea and then found ourselves constantly adjusting to the external conditions of the pandemic, to save at least some of the project.
We asked ourselves several times if what we were doing was making any sense, if anyone out there was really reading all the things we were writing, if all the time and energy we were investing in our content was worth it, when sometimes hours of work were just being paid with a very few likes.

If trying to make things in a slower and different way could lead somewhere in the world we live in and when you are competing with the fast fashion giants, if wrapping every single order personally writing a hand letter was just a naive idea.
If speaking our truth and following our intuition was the right thing to do when you run a business, if it was crazy to think that we could do everything by ourselves.

In these days we are receiving the answers to all our questions and we are so touched to read how much many of you (that we’ve never met in real life) appreciate our work, our philosophy, our mission and our consistency of doing things in our way.
It definitely shows us that every single thing we did to get here was worth it and that you always receive back what you are able to give. We gave a lot in these two years and we are now receiving even more.

With tears in our eyes and a heart full of love and joy we thank you from the depth of our souls to be here.
Please keep sending your love through, it's so much needed.

Letizia & Irene