Introducing Casa Lucina Tarot collection

Introducing Casa Lucina Tarot collection

We started talking about Casa Lucina one year ago with the dream of making women feel beautiful and confident and bring some spirituality in our daily life. As women we often live an internal fight between our pragmatic side that wants to take care of everyone, arrange things and solve problems and a more intuitive side, driven by what we feel and an inner voice that guides us inexplicably.

Life is teaching us how to make these two parts coexist, without rejecting either of them and this is what we want to honor with our work. When we design our pieces we want to create practical and comfortable items that can be worn everyday and remind us of our connection with Mother Earth and the Sky above us, especially the Moon.

We stopped looking for rational explanations and we just trust the process. We don’t know why every time we ask a question to the Tarot they are able to provide the best answers in that moment, but we just accept it and find shelter in that magic world every time we need.

Tarot have been so inspiring lately in our lives that we decided to create a collection dedicated to their Major Arcana symbols, that can really help us dealing with our lives in this awkward time, when it’s very hard to find reliable answers.
Every piece is connected to one of the Arcana and embodies its imagery and symbolism, carrying messages that are always open to different readings.

One more time we need to let our plan of making markets and more sale events go for a while, but we still want to connect with our clients and beautiful women around the world. 
Tarot can help us channeling our messages through an international and timeless language that can touch everybody’s soul and guide us to the discovery and recognition of inner selves. They’ve been around for ages and bring with them an incredible legacy of collective wisdom.

We started this collection with the Magician Dress, which represents the symbolic connection to the earth and the sky "as above, so below" and between the outer world and inner consciousness.

It's the Arcana number One: the number of beginnings and new opportunities and we think it is a good opening to the collection to come.

This card contains all the four suits: Cups, Pentacles, Wands and Swords, as a representation of both the four directions and the four elements.
This Arcana reflects the union between thought and emotion, action as it evolves into manifestation.

The first card of the tarot deck is actually the Fool, number zero, and it can represent our first collection last Spring/Summer. As the fool, we were leaving safe and familiar positions to embarque on a new adventurous journey. With our small luggage, representing untapped collective knowledge and a white rose, symbol of freedom and innocence, enlightened by a warm Sun, we left behind several things to look toward the unknown. Of course with our protector and loyal companion, the white dog. 


The distant mountains represent a mystical journey toward enlightenment and self discovery. 

As our first collection the fool is a blank sheet: he has no past and no expectations and represents a pure desire to make experience, with an intuitive, naive and spontaneous approach.
In his travels he will meet all the other 21 Major Arcana, learning a lesson from each of them and this is what we are going through with Casa Lucina's experience.

Join our journey in the fascinating world of tarot!