Opening the Spring Pre-orders!

Opening the Spring Pre-orders!

How much did you look forward to Spring this year? We literally craved it and we are finally so excited it is here!
We love how the house change with the Spring light, that illuminates and warms every corner up and we feel pretty much the same with our bodies and hearts. After the Winter, season of silent, darkness and introspection (especially this one) we feel like opening up again, every year even a bit more. Expand and raise to make space to a new phase of the never ending cycle and receive what's next to come. 
We feel the change and encourage it through our bodies, souls and hearts.

Today, first day of Spring, we are opening our first pre-orders, that will help us improve our production process and make as many women as possible happy, which is our main purpose. 
Let us tell you a bit more about how we work.

We use dead stock fabrics only, leftover from other brands to give them a new life. They are usually available in small quantity and that’s why all our creations are limited editions.

Irene and I love driving around Florence and getting lost in these warehouse looking for the fabrics that make us fall in love. After we buy the fabrics we decide how to use them, so which items and sizes we want to produce. We use every cm of the fabrics we buy and find a new family to every single item, reducing any kind of waste.


It can happen though that we sell out pretty quickly a size of an item and you miss it, while other sizes take longer to get sold. This is basically impossible to forecast from us.

That’s why we decided to go with the pre-orders: you can reserve the dress in your size in advance, getting a 10% of discount and helping us improve our production.
And make more women as possible happy, which is our main purpose!

Pre-orders will be open from March 20th to April 4 and the dresses will be ready to be sent to you about mid April.
Technically it works like a normal order and you can easily do it on our online store choosing your size between Small, Medium and Large and getting 10% off. Items will be shipped to you as soon as they ready, we forecast about Mid April.

If the fabrics are not sold out with the pre-orders we will produce more dresses and selling them online as usual, at the full price.

Pre-order now!