Our first birthday

Our first birthday

One year ago we opened our online store and the same day we had our first order. At the time we had very few followers on our Instagram profile and we couldn't believe someone who didn't know us at all bought two of our creations.

It was exciting and scary at the same time: Casa Lucina wasn't an idea anymore but something real. Luckily the world welcomed our project with love and the last year gave us a lot of rewarding and joy.

When we started Casa Lucina we wanted to do something more than a fashion collection: our aim was sending a strong message to women through our products.
One year and two collections after our message and motivation is even stronger and we want to reach out as much women as we can. We feel that women have the amazing gift of being divine and deeply grounded at the same time and they can connect with a higher wisdom and deeper intuition, while creating concrete projects and making them grow with the best care.
Too often though they are the first ones self doubting and self limitating.

What if we would stop playing small and each woman in the world would start expanding and fully expressing herself, embracing her freedom and authenticity. Can you imagine the energy we could create if each of us would be guided by her dreams and desires, reclaiming her inner power and pleasure, without feeling guilty or worrying about other people's judgements?
What if we would stop comparing and competing, but cooperating, co-creating, encouraging and supporting each other?
What if we would dare to speak our truth and unapologetically allow ourselves to be our best version?


Only even writing these words goosebumps and excitement arise and we feel always more women are awakening and allowing their souls to expand and shine, building new realities and possibilities.
We know those goals could feel overwhelming and bigger than us, but we believe we can just start with small steps.
Self love and being happy with ourselves is definitely the first one. Once we feel beautiful and confident, happy with who we are and the life we are building, then everything else come genuinely. 

Buying Casa Lucina you are not only buying a dress, but you are embracing our values; you are choosing to honor who you are, standing for yourself, while respecting Mother Earth and supporting other women. You are virtually joining a community that is louder and empowered every single day; you are contributing in sharing this message and building a better world.

Because we are all worthy of being the higher version of ourselves and live the happiest and most free live we can dream of.

Thank you for being during our first year of life, supporting our project and message; it means the world to us.