Our Journey

Our Journey

How did our journey start? Our first answer would be "by coincidence", as most of the things that happened in our lives in the last years.
It is actually a long story that like every beautiful story involves love.. I (Letizia) will try to briefly summarize it.

Irene and I are both from Florence in Italy and used to have some mutual friends but didn't really know each other until 2017. At the same time, just by coincidence, we both decided to spend few months in New York, to take a break from the city we are born and raised and to improve our English.

We both were there alone with no friends, so it came by itself to get in touch and start hanging out. Just in the same period, in New York, Irene also met the love of her life, a guy from California, who eventually moved to Florence to be with her. Long story short they got married last September and I, who in the meantime moved to Amsterdam, came back to Florence to join their wedding ceremony.

I was supposed to fly back to Amsterdam the day after the wedding, but my flight was mysteriously canceled and I got stuck in Florence for few days (and also got very angry about that). Since I had more days to spend in Florence we met for a coffee. It came out we both had a similar vision of creating a collection inspired by Nature that could honor women making them feel beautiful, free and magic. 

I made it back to Amsterdam and a bit later we decided to do it and give rise to that project together. Six months after the first LUCINA pieces were ready.
The original plan was to travel with our van and join markets around Europe to sell our first collection. We wanted to be close to our customers, talk with them, see how they feel wearing our creations and building relationships. The current situation showed us, one more time, that we can’t be so much in control of our lives and business and for this summer we had to abandon the idea of selling in person. 

Luckily we could change our plan and focus all our activity online through Instagram and our website. We are deeply grateful for our path so far and all the people following and supporting us from all over the world.

We can't wait to meet you all in person!!!