The first Casa Lucina's Market

The first Casa Lucina's Market

When we dreamed about Lucina for the first time, we were imagining ourselves traveling with our van to join the coolest markets. Being on the road was part of the project, especially mine (Letizia). After years of working in offices and spending most of my time in front of a screen, the idea of driving around and meeting new people every weekend was really one of the most fascinating part of our new project. 

Casa in Italian means both "house" and "home" and the idea was exactly to build our as a cozy living room made of magic, nature, colors and smells we love, wonder and all the mysteries of femininity.

All this wasn't obviously possible until the end of June, when we had the opportunity to set up our first stall and bring to real life (off line) our special world, in the city we come from, Florence.
The coolest thing was that Irene and I were in this together, so we managed to share this first exciting experience.
Our stall was made of crystals, shells, feathers, candles, tarots, flags, flowers and incenses. And of course our dresses, kimono and pants that with their patterns already spread good vibes.



We couldn't be more grateful for all the friends that came over to say hi and try our pieces and all the people that met us for the first time, got to know us and our products and are now following and supporting us with love. And of course everyone who bought from us and are now proudly wearing Casa Lucina's limited pieces. Especially in these times, we deeply appreciate the choice of consciously picking one of our pieces and support our small business. And we can't hide the reward and happiness that we feel in our heart every time a woman look herself on the mirror wearing a Lucina smiling and shining of joy. 


Between live music (yes, finally again!), smiles, sun and a lot of talks, we really found a deep motivation and boost of energy to keep working on Casa Lucina with even more passion, trust and gratitude.

We can't wait for the next market, even if we don't know when it is going to happen.
In the meantime we are organizing small private events, also because we love the intimate and special vibes that rise up when a group of women try on dresses together and make the magic happens.

With all our gratitude,
Letizia e Irene