The meaning of Slow Life & Business to us

The meaning of Slow Life & Business to us

What is a slow lifestyle for us and how it is affect our work? It is taking the time we need to get the best result we can with every piece, without sticking to tight deadlines. It is waiting to find the right dead stock fabrics and give them a new exciting life.

It is doing everything by hands in the place we come from, respecting the environment and valorizing people. It’s producing only when it is needed, reducing the waste and selling every single piece.
But it’s also offering you a slow and customized experience. It’s taking the time to have a chat with our clients, (yes even now with the pandemic going on we offer a digital private shopping experience) talking about our process and helping you choose the best outfit for you. 


It’s wrapping the items with love and our best energies: writing a letter, picking up a card and closing it with a wild flower.
That package means a lot to us, because it carries all our passion and commitment, our values and believe that women are powerful and magic and supporting each other can really be limitless and complete.


We’d like that opening the box you could feel this consciousness and slowness and that could be part of your shopping experience.
So, when you receive a Casa Lucina’s parcel, our tip is to take a moment for yourself: play some chilled music, get your favorite tea ready, light a candle and try the Dress on.

Find a comfortable sit and focusing on your breathing connect with your body: enjoy this moment reading the card message from Nature and tuning in with your heart and feelings right now.

 And then if you feel it, connect with us and share your experience, because your feedback and how you feel wearing our pieces mean a lot to us.