Time to pause and make space

Time to pause and make space

The first time Irene and I talked about the idea of building this project was September 2019. Irene was getting married and I flew to Florence (from Amsterdam) only for a couple of days to join the wedding and then go back to my previous very busy job as digital producer.

But life had other plans for us and my flight to go back to Amsterdam got canceled (it was the first and only time that happened in my life) and I couldn't find another plane for a couple of days. So I called Irene and arranged a coffee together, since of course we didn't have much time to catch up during the ceremony.

I've already knew I was done with my job and wanted to do something different and, sharing my ideas with Irene, it came out we were both having the same vision of creating a conscious and sustainable made in Italy brand of clothing, to bring more magic and beauty in women's daily life and make them feel free, powerful and limitless as goddesses.

And so we decided to do it. At the time we couldn't know that the world would have changed pretty soon and that the following year, 2020, would be a very weird one.
In the following months we started designing the first styles: our iconic Rea Dress, a kimono and a pants. We drove around Florence and lost ourselves in huge warehouses, looking for the fabrics that would make our eyes shine and our heart sing a big YES!



And easy like that our first collection was happening and we would have presented it on Spring 2020 between markets, summer festivals, private events and everything that our imagination could dream of.

But also in this case things went differently and in March 2020, just a couple of months before our collection was ready, the world changed and closed up in a global lockdown.
We were so excited about the project that we didn't let this pretty big event discourage us and we invested all our energies in building an online store and an Instagram profile from scratch and shooting the items, Irene from her countryside home in Tuscany and me from my apartment in Amsterdam.


I have to say it was quite fun and entertaining to have so much to do in such a boring moment and, something new for me, it was our own project, so we could do whatever we wanted, in the way we wanted and felt the best.
Then you know what happened, because you were there with us: in May 2020 we launched our online store, had our very first order straight away and we couldn't believe it.

And here we are, almost two years later. If there is one thing we learned in this time is that very rarely we are in control of our lives and businesses and most of the time we can just surrender to whatever finds our way and get the best out of it.

In these two years both Irene and I changed a lot and according to that, the realities around us are taking new shapes and tastes. We are moving countries, starting up new projects and we realized we need some time and space to rethink and adjust our brand to the new versions of ourselves. 

We started Casa Lucina as a very authentic and honest expression of ourselves, constantly evolving and transforming, shifting and growing. We promised to always following our own pace and processes and go where our joy and excitement would have taken us.

That's why we decided to pause, take a break and put on hold for a few months our production and our sale. We need time and space to listen what we want and how we want to do it, to disconnect from the noises around to re-connect with the subtle voice inside us. We need energy to let something go and to build it again in a way that is more aligned with how we feel now.

We know we will come back with a new shape, a new voice, new tastes and colors, but what we don't know is what the Universe has in store for us this time. We are going to dance with him until we hear our hearts sing together that big YES again and we will know it will be the time.


Our online store will still be open until the end of May and we will have a last pop up event in our city, Florence, at Boutique Nadine on 8 and 9 of April. We would love to see you there and have some nice and fun time together in real life (which is our favorite).

We thank you sooo much for being here and have supported Casa Lucina so far and if you want to be updated on our journey we warmly invite you to sign up to our newsletter.

If you want to follow our personal projects you can find us on Instagram as @Boutiquenadine (Irene's store in Florence) and @Leti.into.Magic (Letizia's profile)