Moving into greater alignment

Moving into greater alignment

The last month was pretty exciting: both Irene and I were in Florence and we had the chance to spend a lot of time together and work in person on Casa Lucina and its future. 

We hosted a two days pop-up in Florence at Boutique Nadine and it was really great to meet our clients again and spend some time with them.
As most of you know already, we decided to take a break for a few months, to re-align with our mission and re-organize our business in a way that resonates more with the people and the lifestyles we are now. 


The last two years changed us and our priorities and brought us several teachings. The first one is to always follow our intuition and do things our own way. When we started our project our minds were busy with ideas about how things should be done, but we realized there is not such a thing. The only way of doing things is your own, the way it feels better and brings more joy and pleasure to you.

We had an extra confirmation when we decided to trust our intuition and pause for a while: as soon as we sent this intention to the Universe, many more opportunities opened up for us completely out of the blue. I guess the Universe loves bold and genuine decisions and always rewards people who follow their hearts, even if it doesn’t always make sense from a rational point of view.

When we align one area of our life with what we want, other areas of our life naturally move into greater alignment.

Since we received several messages from our beloved clients, we want to tell a bit more about our decision. A couple of months ago we realized that, because of the global situation and all the lockdowns we had to face since we started Casa Lucina in May 2020, our project was going in a direction that wasn’t really the one we wanted and we kind of lost track of our original plan and desires. 

We also realized that it is very hard to be consistent with our values of hand making everything in Italy from deadstock fabrics and keeping our prices so affordable. All the brands we know that really produce in Italy charge at least twice as much as we do and most of the brands we like (and used to buy) produce on the other side of the world, with big consequences on the environment and their workers. 

Have you ever tried to check all the things you have in your wardrobe: how many of them are made in Italy and not from synthetic fabrics? I did it with mine and the results were pretty disappointing.. If you are going to do it with yours please let us know because we are very curious.

And last but not least: we feel very sorry every time we don't have the right fit for one of our beautiful followers and we would love to offer a wider range of sizes, which is very hard with the kind of production we do have now.

We trust that this time will bring us all the answers we are looking for and that following our inner voice we will find the best way to make Casa Lucina rebirth and bloom as we dreamed of when we started. 

If you fell in love with one of our items this month will be your last chance to take your dream dress home to you (our online store will close around end of May).

We are offering a few days sale (until Sunday 8/5 ) on selected items. Check them out here.

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Our mission is still the same as two years ago, that’s why we are happy to share again the manifesto we wrote when we decided to follow this dream and start up this wonderful vision:

Casa Lucina is about women and our magic. We design clothing that associates women with our feminine essence, making us feel gorgeous, magical and empowered.

We believe that what we wear and how it is made affect how we feel and see ourselves and that we should wear what we love every day.

We carefully choose our materials, giving a new life to the residual fabrics left over from major fashion houses, reducing wasting and offering high quality.

We produce everything ethically by hand in Italy, on a small scale, to support local production, create timeless pieces that last and encourage conscious consumption. This means that there is a limited availability of the textiles we use, so very few items are made with the same fabric.

We do all this in the land we come from, Tuscany, but with an open mind, combining inspirations from different cultures and traditions and aiming to represent women from all over the world, because we are all one. We work with passion, love, trust, respect and gratitude and we hope our clients will feel it.

We don’t consider Casa Lucina as a fashion collection and we don’t follow the usual rhythm and mechanism of fashion brands. We feel Casa Lucina is a project that makes us feel good and makes our daily life better, giving us the opportunity to get in touch with beautiful women and help them connect with their essence and feminine mystery and be happy with their unique bodies.

We chose not to sell through the classic distribution channels and avoid intermediaries as much as we can, offering high quality directly to our clients at an affordable price. 

Every single order is a blessing for us and we honor it with a packing ritual of gratitude. All our process, from the design of the styles to the shipment is driven by love, passion and the purest intentions. ⁠⠀

With Love for us, for you and for our beautiful Universe,

Letizia & Irene