What our Instagram's profile means to us

What our Instagram's profile means to us

The first question you asked yourself as a new small business is "how can I get in touch with my potential clients?" Our answer was very clear from the beginning: "Markets, markets, markets!"
But the virus happened and all the markets we planned in Summer 2020 got canceled. We had to quickly change our sale strategy and build an online store, but even more important find customers online, mainly on Instagram. At the beginning it looked a bit scary and overwhelming: so many content and most of the things we saw around look "fake" and not really resonate with us.

We really wanted to speak our truth and be able to tell the energy and the mission behind Casa Lucina. We don't consider our project only a "fashion collection" and we thought it wouldn't have been easy to communicate our vision and process through an online platform.

We started getting familiar with the medium and building our own way to tell our story, reaching out people that were willing to hear it. We realized that if we are able to speak with our heart and honestly share our believes, we will genuinely attract people on our same frequency.

Every image we post is like a tile of a mosaic that is taking shape, a representation of who we are and how we feel in that moment, but that can change anytime. Going through our old posts I noticed that sometime there is a bit of  inconsistency in terms of tone and style, but this is how we are, flowing through phases. As everyone else we have several faces, moods and souls, a lot of layers to unfold that sometimes are also hard to show.

We feel we are sharing our personal process, slowly building a relationship with our community, post by post. We don't know where this path will take us, but we are trusting it and enjoying every step, always curious to see what's the next opportunity that will open up for us.

Thanks to the book I am currently reading I had a vision that really inspired me. The book is "The Castle of the crossed destinies" by the Italian writer Italo Calvino. 
All the people that get into this castle mysteriously loose the ability to speak but they have a deck of tarot and each of the character is invited to tell its story displaying the cards on the table, while the other people try to give an interpretation of what happened. 

I thought that the daily process of picking the image we want to share is like picking a card from an oracle deck: you don't really know why you got pulled by that card, but your intuition drove you there for some reason. The picture and the product we decide to share somehow represents our voice and mood in that moment. 


Every single post and caption can be interpreted in different ways according to the moment and personal mood. Exactly as an oracle or tarot reading: every time you pick a card from a deck you can give a different meaning according to the answer you are looking for or the theme you are focusing on. 

We know we can not be completely in control of what is going on with our business and that we are continuously interconnected with the environment around us.
With each post we are actually building a much bigger story, we don't even know yet, but that is just taking shape day by day, flowing with the universe and all the mysteries around us. 

We are grateful for all the people that crossed our road and feel like joining this journey: we are all walking and growing together.