Why you should choose to buy from us

Why you should choose to buy from us

Sometimes we wonder why women should buy our products and why we are doing all this. It may sound funny that this question is coming from us first, but I believe it's healthy to keep asking ourselves if what we are doing still makes sense. So seriously, why should you buy our dresses?

We got pretty serious about that and went inwards for a while to connect again with the first true essence of our project and what lit that fire and made us embark on this journey, almost one year and half ago.

The good news is that we found that fire, still burning there and we've got a lot of answers to our question.

We reminded it all started because we couldn't find a clothing brand we liked and wanted to support and somehow "represent". We think that when you are  wearing something you are, maybe unconsciously, being an ambassador of that brand and that money are energy you are actually giving away, hopefully to people you like.

As very practical and (usually) busy women being comfortable is something we don't want to give up, but we want to feel beautiful at the same time.
We hate spending time in front of the wardrobe and the mirror looking for the right outfit and thinking how to match clothes.

We didn’t want to buy fast fashion anymore and felt very guilty about that, because of the environment and people working there.
We were tired of synthetic fabrics and low quality clothes that doesn’t last, but we couldn’t afford luxury brands.

We couldn’t find a brand that was sustainable and ethical but also met our taste in terms of aesthetic.
And that’s why we created Casa Lucina: to bring to the world beautiful timeless pieces, handmade in Italy with affordable prices.

And since the reasons to buy our products and support our brands are so many, we made a list out of it :)

Why you should choose to buy from us?

Do you also feel like stop:

- buying fast fashion and have a wardrobe plenty of cheap clothes that don’t last

- buy items without knowing who made them and who’s behind the brand

- give your money to companies that don’t respect the environment and their workers

- wearing exactly the same items than other thousands of people in the world

And instead start:

- shining and looking the best and more authentic version of yourself

- being aware of who you are giving your money to

- supporting a small business who produce ethically in Italy, recycling, reducing waste and respecting the environment

- wearing only your dream items that resonates with you and will be part of your life for a long time

- having less clothes but best selected (this means also more space and tidiness in your wardrobe)

- wearing limited edition dresses that only a few people in the world have

- feeling more connected with your true essence and the energy of Mother Earth and the Moon

- having a sweet and personalized shopping experience directly with us: Letizia and Irene

- being part of a beautiful community of women that inspire each other

If all this resonates with you welcome to our home: Casa Lucina.

This virtual space exists thanks to you, being the air that makes our fire breathe and burn, so thank you for being here!