Working in Beauty

Working in Beauty

This month we touched our sale record and felt amazing. Especially because it came genuinely, having a lot of fun and really enjoying our work and time together in Italy.
We’ve been taught that life is hard and we have to fight to achieve our goals but we like better thinking that life can be pleasure and joy and we can be the best version of ourselves doing what make us feel fulfilled and refreshed. And get better results when we enjoy the process.

We recently read something like “let go who you think you should be so you can have space to be who you are” and it really resonates.
How many times, both in work and personal life, we have such a strong idea of how things should be for us that we don’t really allow ourselves to be who we really are?

This month was the month we had more fun since the beginning and also the month we sold more.
We spent one month together in Florence looking for fabrics, working on two new styles, having private sales with clients and friends, reading tarot, talking with our tailors and shooting pictures.

Working together is a flow of energy, thoughts, inspirations, dreams and sensations. There is no border between work and personal life. We talk about fabrics, love, life plans, Instagram, family, dream destinations and new styles. It’s all so connected and impossible to separate: who we are and our everyday experiences and emotions define Casa Lucina: the style we like, the fabrics we fall in love and the pictures we want to shoot.

I personally love the expression "walking life in beauty" and I believe it can be applied to work too. "Working in beauty" means being true to ourselves, honoring who we are, respecting the incredible universe around us, enjoying every single phase. Giving our best without expecting anything back, but accepting whatever is coming as a gift. 

We started because we had some things to say and we decided to do it creating clothing that make us feel amazing, wishing to help women feel the same.
We didn’t have any strategy or didn’t make any marketing research and just started doing it in the best way we could.
Once we create a new style we never talk about the chances of selling it, but we just try it out: if wearing it we feel beautiful like goddesses is a full yes, otherwise we let it go and keep working on something else.

One year after we learned so many things and personally evolved so much.
We look back at the two of us who took this leap of faith and adventure with tenderness and pride.
Last year It’s being a lot of ups and downs of course but we are living our dream and we honor the courage and trust that brought us so far, always open to the new to come and more amazing surprises to cross our path.

Surfing the ocean of life and surrendering to the Universe and its greater wisdom, always in the most gracious way we can.