Gea Dress

We love the first days of Autumn and we made a short video to celebrate the start of this new cycle.

We love loosing ourselves in Nature, walking barefoot on the land, observing the colors, smells, sounds and tastes shifting through the year.

This is how we find our inspiration for Casa Lucina and design our creations.

Gea Dress

The Tower Gea Dress


This Gea Dress is connected to the archetype of The Tower: something that has been locked inside is now asking to be revealed and manifest. It means transformation, destroying the old values and believes to rebuild something new that makes more sense to who we are now. The Tower can also be seen as a phallic symbol ejaculating, an explosion of joy... Read more

The Empress Gea Dress


This Gea Dress is connected to the Major Arcana of the Empress, which is a powerful card embodying fertility, creativity and divine feminine. She's traditionally crowned by 12 stars, which marks her connection to the mystical realm, the zodiac and the seasons. She's the cosmic mother, pregnant with life, ideas and desire. She rules over the earth and the sky and celebrate at... Read more

The Sunset Gea Dress


This Gea Dress recalls that magic moment that happens every day when the Sun set. It's a special event because with its simplicity it reminds us that life is impermanent and that everything changes every single day. As the sunset with its unique colors and light we are not the same person we were yesterday: every day we live a... Read more

The Phoenix Gea Dress


This Gea Dress embodies the powerful energy of the Phoenix, the mythological larger than life bird with spectacular feathers.  Phoenix brings fire to our soul and represents renewal, safety, transformation, courage and the sacredness of life. The Spiritual meaning of Phoenix reminds us that there is always hope of rebirth and new beginnings even if we have to first makes some kind... Read more