The Strawberry Full Moon

Cycles of the Moon always helped humans taking track of the time and seasons. The next full Moon is set to grace our skies on June 5, and traditionally in several native cultures it is known as the Strawberry Moon. After the first six months of the year working the soil and planting seeds, it is finally the right moment to harvest and manifest.
Time to taste the sweet and colorful fruits are now taking shape in our garden. 
Discover Lucina's curated selection connected with this moon 🍓
The Strawberry Full Moon

Moon Dress


Light, essential and fresh as a Summer breeze. Easy and comfy to wear, it is perfect to build different looks: from sacred ceremonies and rituals to a day on the beach. You can try different styles matching it with jewelry and colorful accessories as a hair band or a necklace.  Size & Fit The crossover neckline with a full length tiered skirt and... Read more

Marigold Pants


Marigold flowers are linked to the powerful strength of the Sun and used as sacred offerings in many cultures, because of their resemblance to gold. Printed on a black background these pants are very versatile and can be worn with different outfits and styles. You can wear them high or law waist, according to your style of the day. Size & Fit Available... Read more

Indya Dress


This 100% cotton dress is soft and natural on the skin. Simple as nature and easy to wear it reminds us of summer days in the countryside, picking wild flowers or baking a cake. You can wear it with boots or sneakers and of course barefoot for the ultimate comfort and combine it with accessories for a richer outfit. Size... Read more