Mood of December

Holidays season is coming and 2020 is getting close to its end.
It was mostly a year of introspection, inner reflection and personal growth and we feel ready to start a new phase, even more focused on our needs and goals. Opening up again to life and surrendering to its flow with a renewed and more relaxed approach.

 Join us for a journey in the magic world of Tarot through our latest collection 

Mood of December

The Emperor Kimono Long


This rich Kimono is connected to the Emperor: total power, divine masculine and cosmic father. He has clarity of vision and equilibrium of mind, creating security and stability upon his realm. His wisdom calls for correct use of power and so he governs always, with paternal compassion. His system is based on loyalty, order, discipline, strategy and calm. The fabric... Read more

The Devil Juno Dress


This Juno Dress is connected to the Devil, the strength of passion, creativity and unconscious.  He demands honesty in all self assessment and requires a confrontation and acceptance of one's raw desires. To move past the Devil, one must go deep, face faults, fears and find forgiveness. He offers fertile soil for creativity, igniting passion, fueling ideas and imagination, guiding us... Read more