Mood of November

November's Tarot reading bring us The Arcana of the Empress, the Strength, the Sun and the Wheel of Fortune with their messages of Abundance, Energy, Vitality and Change.

Mood of November

The Empress Kimono Long


This kimono is connected to the Major Arcana of the Empress, which is a powerful card embodying fertility, creativity and divine feminine. She's traditionally crowned by 12 stars, which marks her connection to the mystical realm, the zodiac and the seasons. She's the cosmic mother, pregnant with life, ideas and desire. She rules over the earth and the sky and celebrate at... Read more

The Strength Kimono Long


This kimono represents the bravery of the Strength Major Arcana, symbol of endless potential. It reminds us to remain calm, even in times of distress or danger. It calls for reliance on both the vigor of the body and the power of mind and an approach based on perseverance, patience and... Read more

The Sun Kimono Short


This kimono embody the energy of the Sun: success, radiance and abundance. The Sun gives strength and signifies clarity and confidence, all without ego. It is time to radiate who you are and what you stand for, shining fulfillment and joy out into the world. He's the source of power and energy, the fuel that drives all. The Sun Kimono is in... Read more

The Wheel of Fortune Kimono short


All go, all return, the wheel of life ever turns. This piece is related to the Wheel of Fortune, which reminds us that life is in a state of constant change. Also called the Wheel of Karma, it teaches that what we send out into the Universe will come back our... Read more