The Corn Full Moon

The Full Moon of September is named after the corn fruit. Summer is getting close to its end and it's time to harvest the sweet fruit of the maize and finally fully enjoy abundance of Mother Earth. We enjoyed the slowness of Summer and took some deserved rest. We are now ready to start again with new projects and a fresh energy.
We really resonate with the mood of this Moon and can't wait to release our new creations! 

🌕 🌽 Discover Lucina's curated selection, dedicated to Earth and its abundance 🌽 🌕

Illustration by Minah Kim ART
The Corn Full Moon

Marigold Dress


Marigold flowers are linked to the powerful strength of the Sun and used as sacred offerings in many cultures, because of their resemblance to gold. Printed on a black background this maxi dress is very versatile and can be worn with different outfits and styles. Try it with black boots and a wool sweater in fall and winter, or flat sandals in spring and summer.... Read more