Flowers have always been a great teacher for us: they patiently wait for their moment to come, without forcing of pushing, they don't compare themselves to anyone else and they take all the space they need to fully manifest their beauty and spread their scent. 

They are wild and free, they enjoy every single ray from the Sun and breeze from the Wind. 

Country Rea Dress -


Soft and cozy, the Country Dress is easy to wear all year long. Perfect for the mid season can be matched with leather boots and a warm sweaters in the colder days or with flat sandals in Summer. The small country pattern is extremely versatile and it makes us dream of a day picking wild flowers or a walk in the woods. The fabric,... Read more

The Lovers Rea Dress -


This Rea Dress is connected to the Arcana of The Lovers, which signifies attraction and desire, the merging of the sacred and the profane.  This card represents duality: the balance of yin and yang, feminine and masculine. The Lovers demand equilibrium and authenticity of emotions. They ask to love while letting go, to give without needing to receive and empower... Read more

Wild Flowers Aura Dress -


Wild flowers represent joy and strength and this Aura dress perfectly embodies these qualities. The fabric is rich in color and vitality as a field full of flowers in Spring. Wild flowers grow spontaneously, in total freedom and harmony with the environment. They unapologetically take their space and show themselves in their most authentic beauty, scent and aliveness, living together with plants of any kind of... Read more

Calla Dress


This floral maxi dress brings with itself all the properties of the elegant flower Calla Lily. Its name comes from the Greek word "calla" which means "beauty" and it is usually associated to purity, holiness, and faithfulness. The Yellow ones especially symbolize gratitude and joy. The pastel colors of the print on the cream background adds romanticism and dreamy vibes to this piece: easy to... Read more