The Sturgeon Full Moon

The Full Sturgeon Moon of August is named for the time when Native American fishing tribes could most easily catch this fish in certain lakes. It is the representation of a great power ready to be harnessed and what we need to do to allow it to open and reveal. It represents the universe in brilliant glory, wholeness or completeness. 

Discover Lucina's curated selection, dedicated to the element of water.

The Sturgeon Full Moon

Calla Dress


This floral maxi dress brings with itself all the properties of the elegant flower Calla Lily. Its name comes from the Greek word "calla" which means "beauty" and it is usually associated to purity, holiness, and faithfulness. The Yellow ones especially symbolize gratitude and joy. The pastel colors of the print on the cream background adds romanticism and dreamy vibes to this piece: easy to... Read more

Ocean Pants

from €90,00

These flowy pants are the ultimate comfort and easy to wear on every occasion. So soft and loose you could sit in meditation for hours. You can wear them high or lose waist for your daily practice, a walk on the beach or a day in the office. Wherever you will be, the blue print will bring joy and the energy... Read more

The Sunset Kimono Long


This long kimono recalls that magic moment that happens every day when the Sun set. It's a special event because with its simplicity it reminds us that life is impermanent and that everything changes every single day. As the sunset with its unique colors and light we are not the same person we were yesterday: every day we live a little death... Read more