Who we are


 Casa Lucina is about women and our magic and has been founded by Letizia and Irene, between Amsterdam and Florence. We design clothing that associates women with our feminine essence, making us feel gorgeous, magical and empowered.

The name Lucina refers to the Roman Goddess of light, the moon and childbirth. It is derived from the Latin word, lux, meaning "light”, which links her to the Moon and its cycles. 

We believe that what we wear and how it is made affect how we feel and see ourselves and that we should wear what we love every day.

Our Process

We carefully choose our materials, giving a new life to the residual fabrics left over from major fashion houses, reducing wasting and offering high quality.

We produce everything ethically by hand in Italy, on a small scale, to support local production, create timeless pieces that last and encourage conscious consumption. This means that there is a limited availability of the textiles we use, so very few items are made with the same fabric.

We do all this in the land we come from, Tuscany, but with an open mind, combining inspirations from different cultures and traditions and aiming to represent women from all over the world, because we are all one. We work with passion, love, trust, respect and gratitude and we hope our clients will feel it.

Our Philosophy

We don’t consider Casa Lucina as a fashion collection and we don’t follow the usual rhythm and mechanism of fashion brands. We feel Casa Lucina as a project that makes us feel good and get our daily life better, giving us the opportunity to get in touch with beautiful women and help them connect with their essence and feminine mystery and be happy with their unique bodies.

We love the natural prerogative of women to be divine and deeply rooted at the same time and this is what we want to celebrate: simple styles that can be practical and functional, but also bring some magic, wonder and spirituality to our daily life. A pleasure for our senses: so not only beautiful to see, but nice to touch, smell and wear. 

We chose not to sell through the classic distribution channels and avoid intermediaries as much as we can, offering high quality directly to our clients at an affordable price. 
Casa Lucina's pieces are always available on our online store. 

Every single order is a blessing for us and we honor it with a packing ritual of gratitude. All our process, from the design of the styles to the shipment is driven by love, passione and the purest intentions. ⁠⠀

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Definitions of Lucina:

  1. Roman Goddess of light, the moon and childbirth. It is derived from the Latin word, lux, meaning "light”, which links her to the light and the cycles of the moon. 

  2. Symbol of the sacred feminine energy, both in its strength and vulnerability.
    It represents inner wisdom, intuition and effortless beauty.

  3. Clothes that make women feel beautiful, comfortable and confident on every occasion.
    Deep connection with the feminine essence, her magic and power.